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I was raised in a suburb of Flint, Michigan, by my Father, a General Motors autoworker and my Mother, a nurse at a local Doctors office. I lived there until graduating from high school and going on to attend college at Eastern Michigan University. While attending Eastern, I felt a yearning to help others, especially children. I found a local Boys and Girls Club of America, and asked if there was anyway that I could help. I was blessed to work there for the next three years, just before I moved to Naples, Florida. I moved to Florida with the intentions of running a condo association, owned by a family friend, however things don’t always go according to plan. I believe this was God’s way of redirecting me back to my true calling of leadership through service. I enlisted in the United States Air Force, and never looked back. The Air Force was where I met my beautiful wife, now of almost six years, and paved the way for me to come to Maryland. I have now lived in Howard County for the past five years and have begun to raise, what I think are the two most beautiful girls, with my wife.

As County Councilman, I will work to promote Low Cost High Impact Government that gets our government out of places it doesn’t belong, while making it better at what it’s supposed to do. The two ways to enable Low Cost High Impact government are volunteerism and a thriving local economy. If we can get our citizens and our businesses to work for the community, we can remove the involuntary involvement of the tax payer. Our community is our responsibility, and I think we can do a better job of taking care of one another than the government can.

Small businesses have been under-represented in our council chamber. Under the current budget, permit waiting periods will grow at the expense of experimental social programs and glamorous tennis courts that will have uncertain values with all too certain costs. When elected, I will ensure that our county’s first priority is to meet the needs of our local businesses and uphold our duty to maintain efficient offices of licensing and permits, which play an important role in the very basis of our county’s economy.  The days of social programming intended to bolster the political resumes of our leaders must end.

I am running for county council to help my family and all of the families that call this great county our home. The goal of my campaign is to meet the citizens of District 2 and talk to them about their problems, not raise money.  I will need your help in achieving this goal and getting the word out about my campaign.  I would welcome the opportunity to come to your home and speak to your friends about where you would like to see this county headed.  At the end of this campaign, my goal is to not only earn your vote, but also your trust.

One Response to My Message

  1. Jordan,

    Please provide your email address so that I can forward a discussion from the Howard Citizens’ listserv.

    Also, please contact Russ at to add your name to the listserv so that you can read some of the voter’s concerns.


    Mona Brinegar

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