Red or Green for Speed Cameras?

The County Council appears to be unable to come to a final conclusion on an issue that may have an effect on the daily lives of our citizens.  The Council has already approved of $700,000 in the county budget set aside for speed cameras, yet some council members are quoted in the newspaper as saying that they are waiting for citizen input.

Regardless of party affiliation, I would hope that all citizens reflect on what our elected officials have done to better each of our lives. Is this bill for us, or are these speed cameras going to help politicians expand their political resume?  If having speed cameras are necessary to the safety of our county, then why do the tickets issued have no long term impact on the driver?  It seems clear that these cameras are nothing more than a sin tax meant to generate revenue free of political repercussions.

As I have stated before, my community is my priority.  I don’t see our county government as an opportunity to make Anthony Jordan a bigger name.  The values the I have learned from my Faith, parents, and the United States Air Force, have created a deep foundation of integrity in my everyday life. With that said I promise to be thorough in every decision and statement I make, and truly do what is best for the great people of Howard County.

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