The Downside to “Development Booms”

One of the reasons I am running for County Council is to encourage more responsible growth in our county. It concerns me that our elected officials are often guided by the silk glove of developers who show marvelous painted landscapes of new neighborhoods or commercial centers when in reality those projects are often delayed at cost to the county, impose unimaginable traffic burdens, and create a glut in housing, which drops prices and hurts the families that have lived in this county for decades. I read this article with a heavy heart. Not only has the county allowed these developers to use our county as a cash cow, but we have set county finances up in such a way that depends on the revenue from such development for general operating costs. This is not how government should run.

My comments may be interpreted to suggest I am anti-growth, but I’m not. I want to see our county succeed and grow in those areas that can be responsibly managed and overseen. More importantly, I believe we need to go back to the roots of county government, which foster the growth of small businesses whose owners live in this county and depend on a well functioning government for their day-to-day livelihood. I make a promise to your family and to mine, to prevent our schools from becoming overcrowded, our homes from becoming surplus inventory, and our roads from becoming parking lots. My vision for our county is to utilize all available resources to determine what courses of action are needed to successfully and responsibly develop our county.

2 Responses to The Downside to “Development Booms”

  1. MoreData says:

    Anthony, you are clearly the best candidate in any district right now, as well as recent history. The leadership you demonstrate in this position is so thoroughly clear that I can’t help but think you really have a shot at unseating an incumbent.

  2. MoreData says:

    Please be sure to send this as a letter to the editor to patuxent.

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