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June 30, 2009

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Written Testimony on CB 29-2009

June 16, 2009

I submitted the following written testimony in response to the County Council’s consideration of CB 29-2009.  This afternoon the Howard County Planning Board Chair David Grabowski came out against this reckless piece of legislation.  Please let me know how you feel on this important issue:

I am submitting this written testimony to advocate against the passage of CB 29-2009, which, in its current state, does not have sufficient safe-guards to prevent against abuse and discordant zoning.  Our town centers in many cases also serve as our community centers.  If we lose the ability to harmonize these centers in accordance with the original development plan, we risk the possibility of turning community centers into strip malls and Apartment villages.

I do not understand why this Council is preparing to pass a bill that the Planning and Zoning Board was unable to approve.  I also do not understand why this Council is preparing to pass a bill for which there are still a multitude of suggested amendments outstanding, with most of the original language proposed by Kimco intact despite such amendments.  There is a clear and apparent bull-dozing of this legislation, which will fundamentally change Columbia and our county as we know it.

I am of the mind that our county government does not have to be pro or anti growth.  Growth will occur outside of this council chamber without another bill ever passing your desk.  What is important is that this council takes action when necessary to enforce responsible growth.  This includes taking account of what effects zoning changes will have on the people that work and live in the surrounding community.  Examples of irresponsible growth are everywhere in this state.  Malls that were originally seen as a commercial boom for the area have become hot spots for violent crime.  New developments become ghost towns as we enter into a glut in the housing supply.  Not all of these problems could have been predicted or prevented, but the full range of possibilities should have been thoroughly examined before such risk was taken on.  I don’t think the county is doing its due diligence here and I am quite sure that harm will result.

Red or Green for Speed Cameras?

June 8, 2009

The County Council appears to be unable to come to a final conclusion on an issue that may have an effect on the daily lives of our citizens.  The Council has already approved of $700,000 in the county budget set aside for speed cameras, yet some council members are quoted in the newspaper as saying that they are waiting for citizen input.

Regardless of party affiliation, I would hope that all citizens reflect on what our elected officials have done to better each of our lives. Is this bill for us, or are these speed cameras going to help politicians expand their political resume?  If having speed cameras are necessary to the safety of our county, then why do the tickets issued have no long term impact on the driver?  It seems clear that these cameras are nothing more than a sin tax meant to generate revenue free of political repercussions.

As I have stated before, my community is my priority.  I don’t see our county government as an opportunity to make Anthony Jordan a bigger name.  The values the I have learned from my Faith, parents, and the United States Air Force, have created a deep foundation of integrity in my everyday life. With that said I promise to be thorough in every decision and statement I make, and truly do what is best for the great people of Howard County.

Howard County Clean Sweep day 1 was a hit!

June 6, 2009

We were blessed today with fair weather and a nice cool breeze.  For the 25 or so of us that showed up for the kick-off of “Howard County Clean Sweep” this morning, we made an awesome impact! We filled well over 20 heavy duty garbage bags with everything from beer bottles to diapers (thank goodness for gloves). I was very proud to see how much people care about their community and the ability they have to make it better.  Individuals from all over the county came out in full force with rakes, shovels and rested backs (we were surely going to be using them). We started around 7:30 and did not stop until just after 9:00.

This type of effort from people all across our county has the potential to save us, the tax payer, from tax costs we can lower or even eliminate. By coming to “Howard County Clean Sweep events you are making a difference in the beatification of OUR County. Please help me in spreading the word of “Howard County Clean Sweep” and let’s make a difference in the lives of our family and friends.



The Downside to “Development Booms”

May 28, 2009

One of the reasons I am running for County Council is to encourage more responsible growth in our county. It concerns me that our elected officials are often guided by the silk glove of developers who show marvelous painted landscapes of new neighborhoods or commercial centers when in reality those projects are often delayed at cost to the county, impose unimaginable traffic burdens, and create a glut in housing, which drops prices and hurts the families that have lived in this county for decades. I read this article with a heavy heart. Not only has the county allowed these developers to use our county as a cash cow, but we have set county finances up in such a way that depends on the revenue from such development for general operating costs. This is not how government should run.

My comments may be interpreted to suggest I am anti-growth, but I’m not. I want to see our county succeed and grow in those areas that can be responsibly managed and overseen. More importantly, I believe we need to go back to the roots of county government, which foster the growth of small businesses whose owners live in this county and depend on a well functioning government for their day-to-day livelihood. I make a promise to your family and to mine, to prevent our schools from becoming overcrowded, our homes from becoming surplus inventory, and our roads from becoming parking lots. My vision for our county is to utilize all available resources to determine what courses of action are needed to successfully and responsibly develop our county.


May 4, 2009

Starting on June 6th VoteAnthonyJordan.com will sponsor an all voluntary movement to beautify our county. This effort has the potential to save the county millions of taxpayer dollars, and give us all a chance to have an impact for every person in Howard County. Our first location will be at the Rte 1 flea market, where mass amounts of debris have collected over the years. Our campaign will provide gloves, garbage bags, and water available. We will start promptly at 8am and WORK HARD until 9am.

Our efforts will take place at different locations throughout the county every other Saturday from June 6th on.

I ask each of you to think about it the next time you drive around the county and see litter covering the streets, that you have the ability to help beautify the place we all call home.

Please comment with your email address, so that we can put you on our distribution list for upcoming events. I promise no spam, just opportunity.

Thank you all and see you out there

Anthony Jordan

Response to 4/19 Sun Article

April 19, 2009

I was proud to use my first appearance in the Baltimore Sun to tell voters how committed I am to their concerns and bringing problem solving government back to our county. However, I am disappointed that Councilman Ball so easily discounts my service to our country in the United States Air Force as “limited experience” and suggests that I have “not done a great deal” in the community to warrant a council seat. I don’t intend to get into the muck of attack campaigning over the next year and a half, but I hope the quote from Councilman Ball does not reflect a discounting of the experience and leadership that comes from serving in our military. I also hope that Councilman Ball respects all of the work that is done outside of the council chamber that may go unrecognized by someone in his position. This work is what makes our county such a great place to live.

I will say that I have experience enough to know that in these times the county should use every opportunity to help keep people in their homes. In that same Howard section, there was a notice that the council will not take the opportunity of increased private development to lower our property tax bills as prescribed by the Constant Yield Tax Rate. Measures like these, no matter how small the incremental difference it may make, are irresponsible and show a hardened heart toward all of those that are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments. If I were elected to the council I would oppose such measures and use this time as an opportunity to ease the tax burdens wherever possible. I would suggest that Councilman Ball use his many appearances in our newspaper to come out against provisions like these rather than attack people like me.